Lake Geneva and Haute-Savoie region
The beauty of Yvoire

The hotel restaurant du Port in Yvoire is an excellent base to enjoy a large variety of activities related to the lake : sailing, waterski, cruises, windsurf, swimming…. etc

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Yvoire, a medieval village

Located on the shores of Lake Geneva, between Geneva and Evian, Yvoire is an remarkable medieval village of the Haute Savoie region. The city walls were built in 1306 by Count Amédée V The Great. Some of these walls, as well as doors, moats and half-timbered houses can still be seen.

In addition to its historical heritage, the village is also renowned for its passion for flowers. No less than 27 000 plants are brought each year and Yvoire was honored the International Association of Horticultural Producers trophy in 2002.

A visit will for sure inspire you and blow your mind.